Farmers demonstrate in the Netherlands – What is it about?

It’s not much we see about this topic in the mainstram means, but it looks like demonstrated has blocked huge part of the infrastructure.

We also hear that shops are running out of food, in some areas because of these supply chain blockades.

From my point of view, the farmers are angry about the government’s planning about nitrogen farming, and reducing CO2 in general in the Netherlands.

The farmers claim, that at scary 33-35% of all farmers, will have to stop doing business (producing food) if the rules and tarifs will be a reality.

Police in the netherlands have been hitting back at the farmers roadblock, with multiple farmers arrested, and guns being shot at tractors.

So far it looks like this is a problems in the Netherlands – and a problem where neither of the respective sides on the conflict, seems to be “backing down “ from their preferred outcome.

The Netherlands is a huge food supplier… If this problem don’t get “fixed / under control “ we will se huge effect on many countries in the EU.

Did you know?
The Netherlands is the second biggest exporter of meat in the world.

Where do you think this will end for the farmers in the Netherlands?

Good vibes
Keep it positive
Peder Munk Antonen

Source: Remix News

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