Bitcoin price – Will the price hit 100.000 USD in 2022?

After massive selloff, we do see more and more “action” in the crypto space again.

Most people online, operation in the crypto space are under the impression that Bitcoin is now in a socalled “ bear market”.

I don’t have a crystal bowl, and anything can happen in these crazy times, but it does look like we could be in a “bull market”.

We are looking at multiple external factors, that also have influence:
– Inflation
– A strong dollar
– War
– Possible FED reaction

Is the Bitcoin “ bottom price “ in?

It could indeed appear like that, but nothing is certain.

Disclaimer: Please don’t take this as investment advice, as this is just
my personal opinion / perspective. Crypto assists are, very volatile and highly risky to invest in.

What do you think about the Bitcoin price?
Up or down from here?

Keep it positive
Good vibes
Peder Munk

Source: Coinskid, YouTube

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