Did Binance just lose $1.6 billion?

Luna crashed big time, and so did UST. Binance lost $1.6 billion

We are in some crazy days, no doubt about it.
The Terra case is really not great for the crypto space, but on the other side, maybe its good to get the “less unsustainable” projects out of the game.

Here is the headline from Fortune

“Binance’s Luna investment was worth $1.6 billion. Now, it’s less than $3,000”
Wow, that is really shocking to read from my point of view.

Binance is the worlds biggest cryptocurrency platform, so I guess they will survive, but its still a very crazy number.

Where do you think the crypto market wlll go from here?

Will we see more projects plummet or?

Keep it positive
Good vibes
Peder Munk


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