The Collapse of UST and Terra – 2022 Crypto chock

Trillions lost in crypto space after this happened.

On the 7 may 2022, Terra started to decline fast.
The whole world was watching as the price plummeted like crazy.
Going from around 80 USD to apron 0.01 USD in 5 days.

On this picture we see a chart with Terra price, from the last month, from CoinMarketCap

Do you think its over for Terra?

TerraUSD – The “great” stablecoin.

TerraUSD is a stablecoin. And it is supposed to have a price very very close to 1 USD, therefore
the word; STABLEcoin.

Since the 9 may 2022, this stablecoin has gone from 0.9924 USD to 0.12 USD today

Where do you think TerraUSD will go from here?

I think, that this is a crazy story to watch, and to invest in this, must be extremely risky.

I never give financial advise, but this is just my personal opinion.

Future for “ Stablecoins”?
I am not sure

Are you a fan of stablecoins?

Keep it positive

Good vibes
Peder Munk Antonsen

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